Trials & Subscriptions

Each subscription comes with a test device, SignalScore web access complete with location-, analytics- and event-logging, and support from our amazing team. Only pay for active months, not when your devices are sitting idle.

Order a device

The SignalScore eval kit includes a shock-protected 5G Test device preloaded with SigMo (outdoor) and SigSite (indoor) apps, and cloud-based SignalScore web access. Requires a fully refundable deposit.

Do unlimited testing

We'll ship the device, you do the surveys.  It's easy, we'll show you how. Your data flows automatically to your online account where you can configure and view all your reports. No need to download or install anything.

Optimize the network

Try all the analytics for free for a month. You'll get a full refund on your deposit once you return the device and cancel the service. Chose one of our plans to keep using it, and order more devices if needed.


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