Transport Operating Companies

Understand and improve connectivity on every route and station.


Eliminate on-board connectivity issues

Connectivity is a top priority when choosing Real Estate. 



We provide dynamic SignalScores for transport providers across all digital access technologies, while stationary or in motion, above or underground.

Access all data in a single place to benchmark, monitor, and procure mobile and wireless services. 

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From top-level to root cause

SignalScore provides real-world measurements with scientific analysis for authoritative connectivity reports.

Easy to use interfaces empower TOC operations and marketing to visualize and act on connectivity data.


Common scenarios

Here are common scenarios to test, report, and improve the connectivity experience at stations or on the move for passengers and TOC operations.  SignalScore provides route profiles with detailed dominant bearer splits and in-cabin performance scores.


It is difficult to provide reliable and robust connectivity for over a thousand passengers and staff inside trains – the signal does not cross metal barriers well, and the high number of simultaneous handoffs from one cell to the next is difficult to manage.


Public transport

Commuters love wireless connectivity and are often disappointed by limited mobile coverage. Drive satisfaction and communicate value through an above-par, real-time SignalScore on every bus and carriage.


Ports and Airports

Passengers depend on a smooth mobile device experience. That translates into browsing online, with faster websites and apps to look up departure and arrival times, rebook tickets, track flights and watch, read or shop while waiting or on the move.


Government and Operators can take a proactive approach to improve digital infrastructure that considers 5G technologies. 5G can provide meaningful advantages over existing wireless mobile networks along roads and motorways.


How it works

Benchmark and improve connectivity on your transport network and drive passenger satisfaction.

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Collect data - fast

Order as many devices as you need to survey stations, ports, and routes. We'll set you up with a SignalScore account for device management and data access.

Get in touch if you'd like us to do the surveys for you.

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Monitor performance

Set up automated test routines and notifications to collect data over time. Data lands in your account instantly. No need for extra software to analyze it. 

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Take action

Use data to inform your infrastructure investment decisions, such as private LTE, microcell, and 5G deployments, as well as service procurement SLAs.


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Use your service benchmarks to drive satisfaction and transport usage.  Arm sales, marketing and operations with easy to understand SignalScores to sell services and promote your brand.


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