Service Compliance

Validate local service levels and negotiate better terms with the data to back up your claims.

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Test more, spend less

Finally, a way to get frequent and robust data of the LOCAL service experience, indoors and outdoors. No matter how good the national coverage statistics, the reality on the ground is quite different. So we designed Service Compliance to save time and costs compared to traditional radio surveys. Buy the toolkit or subscribe to recurring reports.

Test Scenarios
  • Assess coverage and throughput 

  • Investigate poor coverage

  • Demonstrate a service level 

  • Monitor call and data session success

  • Benchmark performance

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Assess coverage and throughput 

No matter how good the national coverage statistics, the reality on the ground can be quite different. Get robust data of the local service experience.

Use cases:
  • Prior to a contract determine what its provision cost will be

  • Conduct areas coverage tests such as postal codes, or on-site indoor surveys

  • Verify 3rd party 'high level' data, such as Opencell, P3, etc.

Investigate poor service experiences

Get to the bottom of a poor service experience, indoors and on the move. Detect poor coverage and assess if in-building solutions are needed.

Use cases:
  • Conduct area coverage tests such as route coverage along motorways and train lines

  • Follow up on customer service complaints

  • Investigate higher than average churn rates


Demonstrate a service level 

Get hard data to confirm that the service provided is on par with the service level that was contracted. 

Use cases:
  • Satisfy high-value accounts and venues

  • Demonstrate customer commitment to prevent churn

  • Regularly monitor Emergency Services Network coverage

Benchmark performance

Measure your relative performance compared to competitive providers.

Use cases:
  • Get data for sales and marketing

  • Demonstrate customer commitment to prevent churn

  • Monitor competitor investments in infrastructure deployments

  • Get data to justify an investment program in a particular area

Compare and benchmark

Monitor call and data session success

Say core network elements are changed (maybe without you knowing it), you’d want to check aggressively that performance remains as agreed. Run preset voice and data tests quickly with automated SignalScore regression testing. 

Use cases:
  • Before-and-after cut-over tests

  • Swapping out Huawei equipment

  • Changing architecture (i.e. going thin to thick)

  • 5G SA introduction

  • Changes of vendors and technology end-of-life

Voice and Data Testing

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