Try SigMo - our latest test app for Radio Access Network optimisations.

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

is a new application designed for engineering and non-engineering users to easily benchmark customer experience and competitive performance.

SigMo is the new, handheld cellular and wireless test app within the SignalScore product family. SigMo runs on devices that are engineered to enable broad use and high frequency of tests for all cellular technologies and use cases. The app is designed for use by both engineering and non-engineering staff. Pricing is cost-efficient with innovative pay-per-use plans that are designed to meet the high demand for 5G testing.

SigMo puts user experience testing in the hands of all who care and want to benchmark historic and competitive performance. Engineering use cases include testing new sites, network features and upgrades, RAN optimization, cell site location, operations for routine and cyclic testing. Operations use cases include service quality and performance, coverage as a product, customer satisfaction, churn reduction and competitive benchmarking.

With SigMo, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can afford to deploy large numbers of autonomous stationary and mobile test probes. They can be deployed in static locations, carried by field operatives, or installed in fleet vehicles.

SigMo supports all cellular technologies and will test the network of any SIM inserted. This includes 2G and 3G and all dot releases, LTE, LTE+, CBRS, 5G NSA, and 5G SA.

Data collected through SigMo devices are automatically uploaded to the SignalScore analytics platform for in-depth data analysis and reporting.

Accessories available for the SigMo devices are:

  • SigPack, an insert for backpacks that allows connecting multiple devices and the simultaneous surveying of multiple networks.

  • SigBox, a casing for stationary deployment of the device.

  • SigSound, a dongle for automated, remote silent calls and one-way transmissions testing.

Data collected is automatically uploaded to SignalScore platform in private accounts without the need to download, install, or update anything. Alternatively, high-security, encrypted data retrieval and storage is available for use in sensitive locations (i.e. defence, law enforcement, government etc.).

All the device configurations can also be set remotely from a SignalScore account as well as on the device itself.

More technical documentation can be found in the resources section. Get in touch for a free trial!

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