Mobile coverage testing in a post-COVID world

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The Coronavirus has dramatically highlighted how digital connectivity underpins almost every aspect of modern living across work, travel, leisure, and health. Good Internet access is now widely viewed as the '4th utility'. Fast, reliable connectivity is vital to support business growth, help rural communities to thrive, improve health and well-being, and make it easier for people to get online and access public services. Wireless communication and especially cellular has taken on an even greater importance as a vital communications method.

In the wake of coronavirus, we are now witnessing a step-change in demand for digital connectivity and content, as households, the public sector, and businesses adapt to these challenging times. Elevated levels of home working alongside a broadening range of public and private services moving online underline the importance of robust networks now and in the future.

However, concerns about network performance and security are material for business and consumers alike. For instance, a recent study by E&Y[1] found that people are concerned about a reduction in the quality of their service since the start of the crisis.

We believe what is missing is an authoritative connectivity rating for connectivity, much like credit ratings, A scoring that service providers, customers, and businesses can use to optimise connectivity together. One that makes use of a sophisticated methodology and tools, yet that is designed for simplicity and transparency for the wider public.

That’s why we’ve set out to dramatically simplify mobile and wireless connectivity testing across the spectrum for a post-COVID world, indoors and outdoors. We’ve engineered it so that

  • Test devices are low cost and as simple to use as a mobile phone.

  • A connectivity score is automatically calculated and broken down for coverage, speed, and responsiveness.

  • Tests can be automated for any voice and data service across the full radio spectrum and are remotely configurable.

  • Reports for Routes, Sites, and Devices are generated dynamically, “live” as data flows from test devices to accounts.

  • The web application has modern, intuitive interfaces that providers and businesses can share.

  • Pro-level tools empower radio experts to tunnel down from the top-level dashboards to millisecond event logs, with historic benchmarks and alarm-able events.

That enables service providers to monitor, manage and improve connectivity for everyone to do better business, work from home, administer care and maintain public services. Get in touch to find out more and order your free trial.


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