Trust but verify.

The test toolkit that empowers MVNOs to validate service compliance, negotiate better terms, and sell more.

Never again miss the data to win when you face a customer, competitor, or carrier.

From £6000 ($7000/€8000) pa.

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Know your local service experience.

Crowd-sourced and network data only take you so far when engaging with host MNOs. The more performance data is averaged across the network and all traffic, the less useful it is: no matter how good the overall stats, the reality on the ground can be quite different. You'll need robust data of the local service experience to drive that point home.

Demand more from your MNO.

Negotiate and validate service agreements with data. Assess if a service provided to you (typically from your host MNO) meets SLAs and if the reported quality is representative of your customer's experience. Use SignalScore to measure the experience indoors and on the move: detect poor coverage and assess if in-building solutions are needed.

Compare and benchmark

Compare and press for parity of service.

Do you have a “parity of service" commitment from your host? Get hard data to confirm that the service provided to your SIMs is on par with the one provided to your host MNO’s own customers and other MVNOs. Use your own data to press for improvements.  

Call and data session testing. 

Say core network elements are changed (maybe without you knowing it), you’d want to check aggressively that performance remains as agreed. Run preset voice and data tests quickly with automated SignalScore regression testing. 

Voice and Data Testing

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