Network Integrity

SigScan by floor51 to counter interference and unusual across the spectrum while improving network coverage.


Understanding the radio environment around base stations has never been so important. With more small cells and more interference sources, cost-effective scanning is a necessity. Scan monitors waveforms on all bands and networks for interference and unusual activity.

  • Detect anomalous behavior and interference in the radio environment.

  • GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G-NR and all bands from 100KHz to 3.8GHz, including Wi-Fi.

  • Small form factor and weatherproof; can be permanently deployed in field.

  • Highly configurable: detection algorithms can be frequently changed and updated remotely.

  • Monitor, track and output data from all the units in the field via the online admin interface.

  • Receive notifications when anomalous behavior is detected. 

Network integrity scanning.png


Plan and verify new cell sites 


5G and new spectrum bands open up new service opportunities and revenue sources. However, a lot of new spectrum and stations now need to be planned and configured.


  • Simultaneous all-band/all-network signal scanning

  • Collect data on the live network configuration, incl. data on signal strength, calculations of RSRQ and SNR for LTE

  • Compare actual and cell planning data to verify if the configurations reflect the cell planners’ data

Check neighbor cell integrity and configuration 


The integrity of the spectrum is paramount to wireless operations and services. IoT and M2M will greatly increase the number of devices using a wireless connection.


  • Identify missing neighbor cells

  • Identify anomalous activity, specifically if encryption is disabled
  • Automatically identify and tune a second SDR to each signal of interest

Detect and evidence radio interference


Intrusion into licensed bands and interference is intentional and unintentional. Collecting recordings is often required by regulators before they will take enforcement action


  • Comprehensive signal analysis, incl. Power levels, frequency drift, jitter, doppler shift and layer 3 signaling data

  • Compare reference signal and anomalies in 2D and 3D graphs and heightmaps

  • Set alarms using reference templates

  • Auto Tuning for Passive System Information Block Capture