Understand and improve connectivity in every site, building, floor and office.

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Buy communication services with confidence

Over 80% of businesses depend on wireless connectivity.



Instead of 'averages’, ‘postcode level’ data, and static certifications, we provide dynamic connectivity reports for mobile and wireless, indoors and outdoors, even home offices and the way to work. That way you can make communication service buying decisions with confidence and maintain productivity across the workforce. 

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From top-level to root cause

SignalScore provides real-world measurements with scientific analysis to provide an authoritative rating of connectivity.

Easy to use interfaces and a cloud-based reporting platform, empower teams and customers to visualize SignalScore data.


Common scenarios

Tenant connectivity experience matters. Commercial Real Estate (CREs) business can now test, report, and score the quality of their buildings' connectivity experience indoors and outdoors, broadband and mobile.


Offices and Employees

Connectivity is productivity. Understand your staff experience with applications on the network, such as calls, emails, back-office data uploads/downloads, etc.

Identify the best handset and network operator to support your business footprint, for both BYOD and handsets supplied by your company.


Ensure connectivity in workplaces for day-to-day activity and warehouse devices.

Monitor service for autonomous machine control and IoT connectivity that relies on a consistent network connection.

Connectivity is essential for industry 4.0 and the integration of AR/VR functionality.


Leisure and Franchises

Franchisees depend on the performance of the wireless network throughout their franchises for the customer experience. Strong connectivity is a key requirement for showrooms, retail, restaurants, theaters, gyms, etc.


Many hospitals are big sprawling buildings across a couple of stories. On-site mobile coverage is usually patchy at best. This creates issues both for staff and patients. overcome these connectivity issues.

Undertake a site survey first and draw up a network plan that will have minimal impact on the operational hospital to complete installations quickly and effectively.


How it works

Understand, improve, and promote your business' digital infrastructure.

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Collect data - fast

We survey sites or provide you with the devices to do it yourself. and set up automated test routines to collect data over time. Either way, data lands in your account instantly. No need for extra software to analyze it.

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Get live scores

Staff, investors, and partners recognize and value connectivity. Use data to inform office locations, lease, and your digital infrastructure investments such as private LTE, new 5G and microcell technologies.

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Take action

Future-proof your business, upgrade communication infrastructure and mitigate productivity risks.  Achieve meaningful advantages over existing wireless mobile networks and supplant traditional wireline infrastructure.



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Use superior connectivity as a staff motivation driver and recruitment tool by promoting connectivity information. Deploy mission-critical business applications and IoT infrastructure with confidence. 


Connectivity means productivity

A work environment with a slow or non-existent internet connection is frustrating. A SignalScore certification benchmarks sites, areas, and floors and identifies connectivity improvement areas.



  • Shared spaces
  • Leases
  • Estates portfolios 

Survey offices to establish quality of service. Eliminate poor service areas and ‘Not-spots’.



  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Shops

Understand the customer experience in showrooms, retail, restaurants, theaters, gyms, etc.



  • Warehouses
  • Factories

Develop and maintain a wireless access network that fits industrial connection types, such as loT, M2M, AR, video.



  • Hotels
  • Franchises
  • Sport facilities

Franchisees depend on the performance of the wireless network throughout their franchises for the customer experience.  Have plans in place for saturation., i.e. sports venues.


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