The simplest way to conduct coverage tests on the move. 

Drive tests

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One app for mobile tests.

SigMo - short for SignalScore Mobile - is a “plug & play” drive test device based on a consumer smartphone. It is designed to test mobile user experiences on the go and help service providers understand how to improve their service.


Operations use cases include service quality and performance, customer satisfaction, churn reduction, and competitive benchmarking. 


Engineering use cases include testing new sites, network features and upgrades, RAN optimization, cell site location, operations for routine and cyclic testing.


Designed for 5G success


  • Launching new network services, such as VoLTE, NB-IoT, and 5G

  • Assess pre-launch performance accurately and cost-effectively when rolling out a new network, a new technology overlay, or expanding network coverage

  • Run predefined test sequences to simplify on-site tests

  • Support for all network technologies, and detailed RF measurements

Optimization and troubleshooting

  • identify and solve network problems quickly and reliably.

  • Perform audio and video quality measurements

  • Test popular social applications such as YouTube, Facebook and Skype.

Performance monitoring

  • Test voice call types (CS, CSFB, VoWiFi, VoLTE), call continuity , detect silent calls.

  • Monitor data speed and performance

  • Measurer conventional coverage signal strength and quality.