Devices for indoor and outdoor connectivity surveys. 

Preloaded with SigMo and SigSite apps to seamlessly survey all indoor and outdoor locations.

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Connectivity surveys simplified

SigTest is a new, handheld cellular and WiFi test device. SigTest's ease-of-use and automation empowers experts such as consultants, service providers and radio engineers to delegate testing, survey more, and focus on optimization. It can be used by non-experts such as building occupants,  facility managers, IT managers and operations for self-surveying and prospecting. 


Operations use cases include


  • Floorplan creation and/or overlays

  • Service quality assurance

  • Coverage assurance, i.e. Emergency  Service Networks

  • Enterprise customer satisfaction 

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Sensitive and restricted locations access 


Engineering use cases include

  • Testing new microcell sites

  • Network features and upgrade monitoring

  • RAN optimization

  • Cell site location and antenna pointing

  • Routine and cyclic testing

  • WiFi access points detection and mapping

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The new SigTest 'all-in-one' device is based on the Samsung S20+ 5G for seamless indoor and outdoor surveys.

  • Automatic plane detection

  • Easy to use for technical and non-technical staff

  • SigSite (indoor) and SigMo (outdoor) apps preloaded

  • Android 10 OS

  • Shock-resistant cover and belt clip

  • Full remote control via SignalScore web app

  • >100 test metrics

  • Automatic platform uploads - no need to download, install or update anything

  • Buy or subscription options - talk to sales

  • Supports all cellular technologies and will test the network of any SIM inserted.

  • This includes 2G/3G/4G/5G, LTE, LTE+, CBRS, 5G NSA, and 5G SA

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The SigTest device collects measurements indoors and outdoors whilst producing spatial maps of the surveyed area. The device automatically uploads data to your account for post-processing, analysis and sharing. SigTest has both SigMo and SigSite apps preinstalled.  

  • Designed to combine indoor and outdoor site surveys

  • Automatically detects spacial planes as signal strength coverage data is collected

  • Can be used by facilities, IT managers and staff in self-service mode

  • Solves building access issues and reduces the costs of the survey

  • Data is loaded into the SignalScore platform for post-survey analysis and reports

  • Options exist for high-security, encrypted data retrieval and storage, i.e. sensitive locations (defense, law enforcement, government, etc.)


From top level scores to root cause