Voice and Data Call Testing

Automate Voice, Data and Messaging Tests.

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Device-based call test automation

Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) are cost-effective ways to transport voice. Yet customers’ expectations on quality remain high regardless of technology and path from one end to the other.


SignalScore Call Testing is designed for fast, frequent, and automated call performance tests.

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Call Performance Assessment

Voice and data call set-up success rates, call/session continuity/drop ratios, data speeds, and latency.

Use cases:
  • Regular network KPI monitoring

  • Network audits/health checks

  • Coverage/performance validation, including indoor locations

  • Benchmarking

  • SLA compliance for B2B and Enterprise

  • Correlating network-measured KPIs with customer experience


Test calls across technologies

Set up and manage call tests, schedules, devices, and locations.  Designed for 1st level diagnostic KPIs and 2nd level data (i.e. log files) rather than deep failure diagnostics (such as core IP packet loss, Layer 3 data, etc.).

Use cases:
  • Call success and failure across technologies (Fixed Line, Circuit-Switched, VoLTE, VoWiFi, VoIP, CSFB)

Voice and Data Testing

Investigate poor service experiences

Initiate immediate test calls from selected devices, i.e. where a customer has a live fault and needs to use a probe in that region as a call generator.

Use cases:
  • Follow up on customer service complaints

  • Investigate higher than average churn rates

  • Stationary or mobile probing with rooted devices


Test audio quality

Silent calls and one-way transmissions are annoying and frustrating non-alarming faults that upset customers. It's a difficult fault for engineers to diagnose and localize. The platform can check audio looped back through the SigSound audio dongle. Industry-standard algorithms (such as POLQA) can also be applied for voice quality tests.

Use cases:
  • Satisfy high-value accounts and venues

  • Demonstrate customer commitment to prevent churn

  • Regularly monitor Emergency Services Network coverage


Run regression tests

Say core network elements are changed (maybe without you knowing it), you’d want to check aggressively that performance remains as agreed. Run preset voice and data tests quickly with automated SignalScore regression testing. ​

Use cases:
  • Before-and-after cut-over tests

  • Swapping out Huawei equipment

  • Changing architecture (i.e. going thin to thick)

  • 5G SA introduction

  • Changes of vendors and technology end-of-life

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Drill down log files for root causes

View active devices with state indication and see evidence of configured calls being made. Drill down on detail such as the B party MSISDN, call setup time for outbound, call answer time for inbound, call disconnect/failure, SIP codes, etc.

Use cases:
  • Deep-dive into root cause events

  • Quickly generate export files

  • Easily create charts and visualizations

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