Fast. Integrated. Cost-effective. 

Mobile Network Testing

The modern test platform to stay on top of real network performance, indoors and outdoors. 


Automated, integrated, cost effective.

Most tests and surveys are only done for service assurance yet use expensive radio tools and complex software.
Instead, our products empower you to stay on top of performance, devices, schedules and surveys with a single, simple subscription. Sign up today to get results fast, save time, and spend less. 


Order free*, easy-to-use survey devices and remotely controllable test probes. Import data from devices you already own.


Stay on top of performance, places, devices, schedules, and surveys. Import and export data manually or via APIs. 


Analyze data and share insights with teams, vendors, and customers. Chose preset report configurations or create your own.


Connectivity means business



Improve productivity. Connect infrastructure. Enable automation. 5G and private networks will vastly expand new capabilities and applications that rely on better and faster connectivity. That opens-up opportunities for innovation and commercial use.



With speed comes revenue. In a mobile-first world the maths is simple: Faster networks, sites and apps mean more business. So, if you’re selling online or on-premise, connectivity affects your bottom line, whether you are in retail, real estate or restaurants.



Get a stronger negotiating position to buy communication services or lease spaces.  Benchmark sites and service providers to identify what fits your business and allocate your investment correctly.


Every place has a profile.

Connectivity use cases are diverse and require the right performance criteria as enterprises implement a wireless-first strategy.  


Speeds are important for many scenarios, such as downloading files, loading website pages, streaming video and music, sending documents, video calls and gaming. However, theoretical speeds don't necessarily match the actual experience.


The bearer technology used by a device will largely determine the data speeds that can be achieved. That is why coverage is so important to the user experience.


Responsiveness is critical for many usage scenarios.  SignalScore uses a synthetic measure made of latency, packet delay, and error rate metrics to score real-time applications, such as telemedicine, eGaming, and critical business applications.


Quality is determined by a number of factors, such as the signal power level and signal interferences on each radio connection from the network to the device. That’s why we added the quality measure to evaluate the real user experience.


Who is SignalScore for?

Test, report and improve wireless connectivity quickly, economically, and professionally.


Connectivity enables business – or holds it back. Improve the productivity of staff, the on-site experience of your customers, and machine communications.

Relevant to:​

  • Offices and Employees

  • Industrial - Warehouses and Factories

  • Retail - stores, shopping centres, shops

  • Leisure and Franchises – hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, sport facilities

  • Procurement Intelligence to choose a Service Provider and devices

  • Operational Assurance

Real Estate

“Internet access” is among the most important factors for tenants who are searching for office space, along with cost and location. SignalScore provides connectivity profiles so that tenants and landlords can easily benchmark buildings during their office space search.

Relevant to:​

  • Smart buildings

  • Developments and Redevelopments

  • Leasing space

  • New building designs


A productive and enjoyable travel time impacts the bottom line. Internet access on public transport even increases ridership.

Relevant to:​

  • Railways

  • Airports

  • Ports

  • Public Transport

Communication Service Providers

The best way to test your network is to assess how customers experience it. Get precise analytics to act fast, on-budget and at scale through the flexible deployment of static and mobile probes,

Relevant to:​

  • indoors and outdoors.

  • Mobile Network Operators

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators

  • Private Networks

  • ISPs

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